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Call+1-844-659-0555 – Tips as you delve deep to troubleshoot your router

For any issues with your Wireless Routers, Wireless Range Extenders and Wireless Repeaters, please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders


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Every router comes with an installation guide, it is a practise that each manufacturer follows. While installing the router you carefully follow the set of instructions but still at times being a user you face issues. Well, it is wise to straightaway get in touch with the network support number instead of procrastinating and waiting for some magical solution to occur. Many of us try over weeks to install a router properly but finally cannot make best use of the router, instead of wasting time it is prudent to seek guidance of the professionals to make best of the device.

  • Security mode: Most Wi-Fi devices support multiple network security protocols (typically different variations of WPA and WEP). All Wi-Fi devices including routers belonging to the same local network must use the same security mode

Security setting not rightly matched

There can be incompatibility in settings between two Wi-Fi devices like the router and a tablet and this will prevent them from being able to make a proper network connection. The router must be used and kept in mixed mode. Once it is in “mixed-mode” it can support multiple devices.

  • What are security keys: Wi-Fi security keys are combination of digits and letters

Wi-Fi security keys are combination of digits and letters

Devices that join a specific network should be able to identify wi-fi key
Every device that joins specific network must be programmed to use a Wi-Fi key recognized by the router. While discussing about routers and router customer support number it is worth to note that there are many home network routers that come with single user id and password. This id can be used by multiple devices for logging into the network.

MAC Address Restrictions: An essential area to cover while having an overview of routers

There remains a wide array of routers that support a special feature called MAC address filtering. This feature is usually disabled by default, Still there remain options where router administrators can turn on this feature. This feature helps to restrict connections to only certain assigned devices as per the MAC address number. In case there remain difficulty in getting a specific device to join the local network, it is advisable to check the router. It is worth mentioning that either MAC address filtering remains “off” or the device’s MAC address remains included in the list of connections that are allowed.

Router Customer Support Number

Loosely connected or the cables are disabled

It is quite common that at times router is turned off or someone in the family has accidentally switched off the power of the router. It is necessary to check that the power strips are switched on and they are receiving electricity from the power outlet. By default, we need to consider the fact that in case the router is unable to connect with the internet, but other functionalities are fine, the modem cables are not connected.

Overheating or Overloading

While communicating with the router customer support number it should be kept in mind and informed rightly that by downloading large files or continuously streaming data can lead to a heat generation in home routers. Actually this happens due to constant and sustainable use of the device. Overheated routers do not function properly, and it can crash. If the router is shut down and kept unused for some time, again the device can regain its normal functionality and performance. Expert tech support associates help and guide a lot when you dial the router support number.

Ventilations are essential

Routers generally come with ventilations, reputed brands and manufacturers provide this so that the device can automatically cool off. Guarding or blocking the ventilation can lead to unexpected and unpredictable performance issues. The reputed router customer support number can be of huge help as the customer support executives provide effective solutions. These professionals are aware whether your router is up to date or using outdated patches. Whether the device is under attack of firmware or it has certain hardware failures. A router might have multiple issues and resolving each of them is crucial.



Please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders