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In regards to setting the bar for wireless routers that come at an affordable price and still manage to combine modern technology and sophisticated designs, Netgear is quickly becoming an industry leader. The wireless routers manufactured by Netgear are always distinctive because of their wild, futuristic features and compact sizes. If you are searching for the ideal home office accessory, check out the entire line of Netgear’s wireless routers now.

The Wireless-G WGR614 from Netgear

The Wireless-G WGR614, considered to be the most basic out of all Netgear’s wireless routers, is approximately the size of an average paperback book, and can support up to 54mbps of data transfer speeds. Their white casing coupled with a brushed aluminum frame standing upright greatly resembles the look of a walkie-talkie or cordless phone. However, it can be mounted horizontally according to the user’s preference. Its small, highly powerful antenna is able to rebroadcast any household’s wireless internet signal, which lets two or more people simultaneously use the same internet connection.

The Wireless-G installation process, as well as other Netgear routers, is not complex at all. The router will come packaged with a CD the provides a one-step-at-a-time guide showing how to successfully connect the various cable connections. After everything is connected, the router is made to automatically initiate the internet connection’s configuration, which is relayed from the user’s IP address and DNS settings. Those that choose upgradable firmware can rest assured their Wireless-G router from Netgear will work flawlessly for many years.

The Netgear Wireless Access Point WG602 Model

The WG602 wireless router made by Netgear is built to be tough and to withstand the test of time. This router features a smooth metal casing complete with curved edges as well as a built-in fan exhaust grating that keeps internal components cool. The WG602 also comes equipped with a plastic stand that provides its user a great deal of flexibility in regards to mounting and positioning; its antenna is flexible and has the ability to adjust in order to fully optimize the user’s wireless coverage in the home.

Just as with the Wireless-G, the WG602 Access Point can support the 54mbps of speed that is the standard of today’s broadband internet connections. Its firmware is also created for compatibility with older model PCs, even those that utilize 802.11b protocol. All adjustments will be made automatically, which leaves the user only the simple task of adding their computer to the appropriate home network. That is it. This Netgear router can take care of everything else.

The DGND3300 RangeMax Wireless-N Router from Netgear

Those who use the internet for online gaming and video streaming will certainly appreciate the features of the DGND3300 RangeMax. This type of Netgear router is a fantastic alternative to the high-speed Wireless-G. It’s black casing is shiny and the accents in light blue conjures statements of performance, speed, and power; this is the essence of the RangeMax Wireless-N Dual Band router. Its included DSL modem and dual band router both form a highly reliable online connection that is at most 15 times more fast than other Netgear router models. This fast connection is accomplished by blocking interference from other electronics through multiple communication channels. Even better, the DGND3300 Wireless-N comes packaged in 80% recycled materials and equipped with an Energy Star compliant power supply.


Please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders