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Call +1-844-659-0555 – How to Troubleshoot Your ADSL Broadband Problems?

For any issues with your Wireless Routers, Wireless Range Extenders and Wireless Repeaters, please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders


Problems are inevitable in everyone’s life. Broadband connection often faces some problems that make you hot under your collars some times. It is not possible to hire a technician all the times to troubleshoot the problems. You can follow some simple tips to troubleshoot ordinary problems on your own.

Unable to connect to the Internet?

Make sure about your broadband Username and Password. Always remember that User name and Password are case sensitive. Check whether you have entered the correct login details.

Check your LEDs

Check whether your LEDs in your modem are blinking correctly. This is called as sync light. In some ADSL connection, there will be only two LEDs namely power and ADSL (Link). Check whether both the LEDs are blinking. Flashing LEDs indicate your hardware is working correctly. If any of the LEDs fails to blink, you can restart your modem at once. If, your LEDs still fail to blink, you have to contact your customer care as the problem might be with your hardware or with the service providers themselves. Make sure about the placement of your micro filters. You can bypass the microfilters and can directly plug your hardware in to your master phone socket. This is to ensure that there is no fault in the micro filters.

Are you experiencing frequent interruptions in your broadband connection?

Many people experience frequent interruption in their broadband network. There may be many causes for this problem. The following few may be the causes for such interruptions.

(a)Faulty Telephone extension cable:

It is not always recommended to use telephone extension cables. If there is no other go, make sure that it is free from damages. A faulty extension will always interrupt your service.

(b)Misplaced Micro filters.

This may possibly be one of the potential problems for your interruption. It is always recommended to plug your microfilters directly into your telephone master socket. It is mandatory to have a micro filter for every used telephone extension socket you have.

Faulty Micro filters may pose risk

A faulty or worn out micro filter may interrupt your broadband service. So it is recommended to replace the micro filter at regular time interval.

(c)Faulty Wiring

Make sure that you have a proper wiring for the broadband connection. A corroded or messed up wiring may interrupt often. Alert your ISP about the problem in periodically, as it may get worsen, if unattended to.

(d) Electrical Interferences

Electrical interference may also be a reason for frequent interruption. Keep the common house hold items like wireless phone, microwave oven etc. away from your modem.

Are you experiencing draggy speed?

This is one of the prime issues among the users globally. There is a variety of reasons for slow speed in the broadband.

There may be some problems with your hardware set up. Make sure your micro filters are properly installed.

A virus or malicious code in your system could slow down your broadband speed. Nowadays, anti-virus facilities are provided by the internet service providers. If you’re using such facility, it is essential to upgrade to the latest anti-virus version.

A high traffic in your network connection may slow down your speed during peak hours. However, such instances are unavoidable; you can switch to different package that has low contention ratio.

It is recommended to re-boot your system as well as your broadband modem at times when you face the slow down.

Restriction to secure website?

This may be possibly due to your system or network settings. You can make use of some soft wares to fix the issue or may hire some online help.

It is also necessary to see the browser compatibility. If you’re unable to view some web pages, you can try it on different browsers. Check whether your firewall settings have changed.

If none of the tips are useful, you can call the technician to fix the faults. These tips may be helpful to restore your broadband connection when you’re in dire need of the connection to be restored.


Please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders.