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Wireless routers, access points, and adapters send and receive electromagnetic radiation signals through antennas. Most routers and access points have external visible antennae, however some area unit housed internally. Radio waves may be centered sort of a light-weight bulb, and like light-weight, some materials cut back or stop radio waves. whereas light-weight centered from many light-weight sources is brighter and makes it easier to examine, many antennae within the same space cause interference. This reduces radio emission clarity and effectiveness.

To optimize your wireless vary, follow these guidelines:


Place the access purpose in an exceedingly central location, instead of in an exceedingly corner. Public Wi-Fi locations sometimes have Access purpose (AP) mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Minimize obstacles:

A clear line of sight between AP and also the wireless device (laptop, phone, tablet) is right. Factors like variety of walls, and wall thickness can have an effect on signal strength. A filing cupboard would defend radio waves as an example.

Avoid interference:

This refers to different electronic devices victimization radio waves within the same a pair of.4G or five rate vary. Examples area unit different wireless routers / AP’s within the same area or house. Microwave ovens, once in operation may interfere with wireless property within reach.
Other samples of interference area unit cell phones, 2.4 gigacycle per second conductor phones, and duplicate machines. Interference can even occur once your wireless signal bounces off reflective objects. Objects will part or utterly absorb signals, replicate them, bend them, or allow them to pass during. Metal replicate signals. Water (including the water in human ) absorb signals. Air, wood, and glass tend to let signals pass, however weakened. Plants and also the weather can even cause interference.

Check signal strength:

This depends on location. Increasing strength would apply normally, to a rustic space, however not a town or geographical region. If too robust, your neighbours would obtain your wireless network.Power affects however way AN antenna radiates. Strength of quarter or [*fr1], is ok for many home users.

Note: The feature Transmit Power management is merely out there on bound NETGEAR routers like the WNDR3800.

Antennae type:

Antennae don’t radiate equally in each direction. even as a light-weight beam may be centered by a reflector, equally AN antenna signal may be blocked and centered. as a result of individuals cannot see radio waves, you want to have confidence testing to induce an inspiration of wherever antennas “shine” most brilliantly. The a lot of powerful and sensitive antennae area unit on routers, access points, and clastic external antennae, as compared with antennae on consumer devices, eg USB dongles. the main focus of AN antenna is either omni-directional antenna or directional.

Omni-directional antennas, that area unit employed in most home product, radiate horizontally all around, however area unit weaker upward or downward. consider signal strength sort of a doughnut form. wherever visible, these antennas area unit sometimes a rod many inches long. Following is AN example of AN omni-directional antenna:A directional antenna(also referred to as a high-gain antenna) radiates powerfully in an exceedingly specific direction. it’s sometimes a flat panel or a dish. These may be used for point-to-point transmissions, wherever 2 antennae area unit centered directly at every another. These would like a line of sight between them, and ideally an oversized open house round the main beam. Following may be a example of a directional antenna:

When you area unit close to the antennae, you receive a symptom, though you’re out of the direction of its strongest signals. however at longer distances, you want to be within the direction the beam is that the most powerful and unobstructed to receive a symptom.



Please call our Wireless Router Support Helpline on +1-844-659-0555 and talk to a Router Expert. Our dedicated team will help your fix all the issues that you are facing with your Wireless Routers or Wireless Repeaters or Range Extenders