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Although market is proliferated with ADSL wireless routers, but Belkin ADSL Wireless Router has proved a breakthrough for the internet users after the introduction of wireless technology that connects several users to the internet via the same connection. Now connection and file sharing without cable is no more a problem. Belkin ADSL Wireless Routers has two parts; the first is modem that you connect with ADSL phone connection and the router connects it to your all computers via four port wired Ethernet connections or via 802.11g Ethernet standard protocol.

Belkin ADSL Wireless Router has several other qualities that makes it easier to use. It can transfer all types of data at the speed of 54 Mbps including files comprising videos and movies. With its features of security modes including WPA, 128 bit WEP and 62bit WEP encryption, it has excelled in performance in providing security to its users as compared to other competitors in the market. It not only protects your network form hackers by using NAT and SPI firewalls, it also connects four wired computers to your network. It works both with PC’s and Mac’s. Its firewalls have managed to withstand all security problems and most of the users have given it top ratings in this function. You can easily manage its firewall through user interface, a feature that is not available in old wireless routers.

The best that Belkin ADSL Wireless Router can provide to the users is that it is highly facilitating for use of Wi-Fi from one computer to another and then connect it with your TV for streaming the movies. This feature has turned it a great favorite of internet wizards that are always on the lookout for the best routers. It creates no problems in connecting the laps equipped with Belking PCMCIA WI-Fi cards or USB Wi-Fi adapter. Both can be connected anywhere in the house if router is working.

As far as the modem setup is concerned, it is quite easy to install. If you have BT broadband details in your hands, you should enter on your welcome screen. Within a seconds your connection will be all right and running with Belkin ADSL Wireless Routers. You can have your WPA security setup after a while, and now your connection is secure and safe from hackers. Although there is no problem with any connection, it only creates a small problem for Apple Mac Mini with Belkin USB Wi-Fi adapter. First, it does not recognize it. When you pull it out and reinstate it after restarting your computer, it easily recognizes it. Then there is no problem for 24/7. It even poses no problems during connecting Xbox via Ethernet.

What most users seek is video streaming and movie streaming facility at any place in the house. Belkin ADSL Wireless Router has solved this problem and provide many others. Now new Belkin ADSL Wireless Routers are providing solar-powered routers that mean the users have no problem if it is not connected with electricity socket. If Belkin ADSL Wireless Router is providing all services, what more a user have to ask for.